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I just love your work

I very much enjoyed meeting up with you and seeing your paintings. I love them. Each time I look at them I see more and more and the triptych is in my bathroom where I can gaze at it each morning. There is so much to see, so much to enjoy in it; my husband loves it too. I haven’t yet been able to make time with him to both look at and hang the other one. I love it too and each time I look at it and in different lights, new colours and combinations emerge – the painting is so alive and so atmospheric and it touches my soul – as you saw. I like the fact that your paintings release emotion. I think this is a special gift and is the basis of great painting. It looks best against a light colour perhaps white or off white because then the colours are not interfered with ; my walls are a kind of dead grey green and it takes from the painting, but I want to double check and need my husband’s attention to help me see. I also liked many of your other paintings and may come to look again to acquire more. Thank you Marilyn
Marilyn Wedgwood

artsy shark

I have spent quite some time today looking through your site. Your art is astonishing – I see it but feel it viscerally, the colors are balanced perfectly, like musical notes. The way you have used such depth in your color fields draws the viewer in. I feel like I could spend hours looking at your work and soaking it in, but it would never become boring. It is artwork that is worth having, and would be wonderful to live with. This is why you were chosen as a featured artist (only the top 10% were accepted.) http://www.artsyshark.com/
Carolyn Edlund

wonderful Christmas Presents

Hi ashar,
Happy New Year to you!
Thank you for playing a wonderful part in our Christmas presents to each other - Flemming had no idea that I had been in contact with you about 'Mists of time', and I just love the piece he chose for me. When I realised what my gift from him was on Christmas day, I had him open mine to him at the same time.
Both pieces are now proudly displayed on in our living room, together on the same wall. They are just beautiful.
Thank you!
I hope all is well with you and that you enjoyed the festive season. I really hope your operation is a success and you have a speedy recovery.
Take care
Lisa Newby

'stop along the way'

Hi Ashar
Many thanks for the painting received today. It is a lovely piece and Linda and I are so pleased to be able to hang it in our home.
kind regards Mike
Mike Duckering

my two new paintings

Hi Sharon

It was good to see you again on Friday and to find the two works still for sale.

It did not take me long to find somewhere to hang each of them where they are well lit, and I can't tell you how much I love them. Thanks for creating these amazing pieces - I feel very lucky.

I am so enjoying your works and find them really uplifting, and to me so accessible.

All the best


I read your article on Linkedin which was excellent. This made me look at your website and I really like your work
Philip Hearsey

website visit via LinkeIn

Your work is stunnning and spacious. Colors shapes, attention to an internal logic. All those things that your assured hand and skill produce from the contemplation you apparently do in developing the ideas. I'll be sending a connection request from LinkedIn, but hope we might have a direct email connection, hence this message.
Stephen Carpenter

your work

I just took a look at your website and your work is gorgeous!
Tara Leavers


I think your winter scenes are beautiful! There is so much depth in such a limited color palette. I definitely feel the moody quiet of the bitter cold as well as see it in this work. I have created artwork based around the chill of winter and I know how magical the imagery can be. Thank you for taking on the challenge of a season that not many people appreciate!
Katherine Horst

k56 over Newgrange

I have just discovered your work and find it very beautiful. I am an artist in the United States working in mixed water media and graphite as well as oil. Thank you for your very lovely blog and work.


I have just found time to look at your website and found it just stunning. I love all your paintings, but in particular, Headland, Way to go and not surprisingly, China Moon. Return and Levels under the Snow I like very much too, but the first 3 are my favourites. I wish you great happiness with what happens next and hope to see you before too long! You were a great inspiration on the course.